For Participants

Message from the Directors

As one of the world’s top research institutions, Penn Medicine is dedicated to the advancement of science. Our goal is to combine cutting-edge research and excellent patient care. Our work as researchers is inspired by the lives and stories of real patients. We rely on partnerships with our patients to make groundbreaking discoveries in medicine. To that end, we invite you to partner with us and help impact the healthcare of future generations by participating in the Penn Medicine BioBank. As our partner in research, we will update you on the types of research being done and what has been discovered to help advance medicine. We may also contact you to review any changes about your health or to join other new research studies as they begin. If you choose to participate in the BioBank now, you can stop at any time. No matter what you decide, now or in the future, it will not affect your medical care at Penn Medicine. By contributing to the Penn Medicine BioBank project, you can play an important role in supporting new discoveries in medical research. Please consider participating as a gift to research and to future patients who might benefit from it.


Michael Feldman, Marylyn Ritchie, Daniel Rader

What we do with the BioBank

The Penn Medicine BioBank is a collection of biological samples, such as blood or tissue, that are donated by volunteers. These samples are then used by researchers studying new ways to detect, treat, and maybe even prevent or cure health problems, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. From our diverse patient population, researchers can use information from many sources to better understand health and disease. This can include clinical information, genetics or genomics, surveys, and the environment. From all of this information, researchers can find causes of disease, new treatments, and maybe even how to prevent or cure disease. All of this research is done in a secure way to protect patient privacy. Patient privacy is very important to us. We make every effort to protect it. Patient names and other identifying information are removed from the samples and data. We replace this information with a code number that only select BioBank staff can access.

What Happens with the PMBB Specimens and Data?

PMBB participants may be included in research studies of many diseases

Research studies include: electronic health records, genomics, surveys, and environmental risk factors


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